Complex’s October/November 2011 issue features A sober and clear-minded KiD CuDi   for the third time: of course we all know this year has been filled with change for Cudi—quitting weed, parting ways with some longtime business partners, making up with some old friends, and recording a rock album called The Wizard. The issue hits stands October 4, 2011.

Wale Reunites With Kid CuDi On “Focused,”

Their beef first started in September when Cudi took offense to a line Wale spit on a freestyle called “Thank You,” in which the DC rapper referenced Cudi’s infamous fan assault. Cudi, who hails from Cleveland, called the jab “wack,” and said it was “a simple-ass rhyme by a simple-ass rapper.” Now both Kudi and Wale  have collaborated on the track “Focused,” set to be included on the former’s upcoming sophomore album Ambition, dropping November 1st. Indeed.