Big K.R.I.T. – 4eva N A Day album review


Today is March 18th, a Sunday. After a hectic yet exciting Friday and Saturday, this album was exactly what I needed. Want to know why? Cause this album flows together smooth….so smooth….Tangueray chilled smooth. On a Sunday, after a Project X inspired Friday, Hungover Saturday and Exhausted Sunday morning at work this album is the epitome of chill. (Word to @RoMottley) Every song on this album flows together so well that you would of thought that KRIT recorded it all in one studio booking. It starts off with vintage KRIT material in “Wake Up”. It’s the same soulful smooth KRIT we’ve grown to appreciate in this game of “Wild Boy’s” and Waka Flocka’s. Bow! Bow! Cool intro but the song that automatically catches my attention is “Yesterday”. Another smooth KRIT delivery but the way the beat matches up with his flow is perfect. Simple hook that explains to someone that he “misses them like Yesterday”. The following songs flow at the same pace but then the tempo picks up a bit on “1986”. This song finds KRIT bragging a bit and stunting on these ducks, which I feel he should do a bit more. Next stand out record is “Red Eye”, in which finds him explaining to a female friend why he cant be in a relationship with her. He goes on to tell her that things arent what they used to be and his career sometimes gets in between their personal relationship. This song is good for anyone out there chasing their dream while having a significant other. Sometimes you have to sacrifice one for another. One of the last songs on the record is “Handwriting” which is a record as to where KRIT vents his personal frustrations with his label and his current position in the rap game. I was real interested in this record because I’ve always wondered as to where did KRIT fit in the hit making machine known as DEF Jam. Sometimes I feel like he doesnt belong and maybe thats the reason why hes not getting as much push as other artists on their roster…..that’s another story for another time tho. Overall, KRIT put together a solid piece of work. This isnt really surprising actually, KRIT always delivers dope records and you can tell that he takes his time with his songs. Would I listen to this while on my way to the club or fucking some bitches? Hell nawl. Would I listen to this on a chill day while pouring up with a bitch that loves music? Hell yeah. Dope shit. Download.