Sneak Peek From Jean Castel Performance

For so long we have been waiting for this moment, the one FIRST performance by Jean Castel, finally happened Yesterday night on February.24.2012 at Luxor Hookah Bar in Bonita.Jean perform at a crowd of 30 to 40 people and all of them were reacting positively while the beat was playing. He open up his show with the song ‘ Beautiful Decay’ than Exhibit C, & lastly one ‘For all the smokers’ Optimus Smoker. After  Jean was done, you could hear the crowds acceptance, with a round of applause and cheers. After his performance, Jean was met by an outpour of love, congrats, photos, handshakes and new, eager fans.

Just be on the look out for the video coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek From Jean Castel Performance

  1. Yea yall see the young one. yea thats my little brother doing big boy things stay tuned soon to blow next BIG THING. Look out for the hit single ”PAPER PLANES” soon to be the hottest thing in the streets.

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